Board Meeting Attendance & Schedule

Public Attendance

The public is welcome to attend Board meetings. Board meetings are held at the Prairie Rose School Division Office at 45 Main St. S., Carman, MB. Board meetings commence at 7:00 p.m. and are held twice a month, typically on Mondays.  Any requesting attendance to our public Board meetings must fill out this form.  Remote access is available to public participants. Please complete this form to identify your interest in attending an upcoming Board meeting and PRSD will send you the Google Meet link to attend if applicable.  Please note that this form is only for attending, if you wish to present to the Board a “Presentations and Delegations to the Board" form is required.

Presentations and Delegations to the Board

The Board of the Prairie Rose School Division meeting schedule is listed below. If you would like to speak to the Board, you may fill in the form Presentations and Delegations to the Board. This form must be completed 6 working days prior to the requested Board meeting. 

Board Meeting Calendar 2023-2024

Board Meeting Calendar 2022-2023